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Getting the competitive edge to help your business grow to its full potential can be a challenge. You have based your business off your passion, which is your strength and your key to success. There’s no doubting you have a mind for business, but do you have the skills and training of a Chief Financial Officer? Major corporations have the capital to invest in employing a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to keep a finger on the pulse of their business and identify areas for further growth and success. Imagine having THAT power at YOUR fingertips, with a vCFO YOU CAN!

vCFO stands for virtual Chief Financial Officer and is a service that Beyond Your Numbers Accounting, and a select few accounting firms, are offering to small to medium sized businesses. A lot of small businesses are not in a position to employ inhouse a full time CFO to run your business and take care of all the financial, budgeting and planning needs. As a small business owner myself, I strongly believe that small businesses should have access to the incredible edge that having a vCFO can offer, to help drive business growth and profitability and to help you take advantage of changes and new opportunities in the market.

What makes BYN Accounting different?

Our vCFO service encompasses 4 key areas, each one integral to the growth and development of your business:

  1. Data set up, collection and analysis:

Data is the foundation from which we can do a deep dive analysis and thorough assessment of your business. We can understand where you stand and how your business is performing compared to past performance, we can also compare your growth to competitors in your industry. Data can come from your accounting software if set up correctly, from your social media platforms and marketing campaigns, to name a few.

From here we can form a real action plan to maximise your business strengths and identify areas for development.

  1. Ongoing Management:

Ongoing management is critical to the continued collection of quality data. Data is the keystone to effectively managing cash flow, budget development and concrete pricing structures. These areas are all important factors that are critical for your business growth. Ongoing management also addresses the need to ensure you remain compliant with all regulations and obligations.

Keeping you focused and honest to your goals.

  1. Tax Structuring and Planning:

Tax doesn’t need to be a dirty word!

By having the proper entity structure for your business, you will have greater ease in accessing funding to allow your business to grow.  Developing proper planning of your tax matters, this is how you ensure more of your profit stays with you, while allowing for your planned growth to be achievable and keep yourself on track for success.

  1. Engagement with external specialists:

Beyond Your Numbers Accounting have strong relationships with a team of external specialists in the areas of marketing, IT infrastructure, small business financing and legal services. Our network of specialists possess a keen focus on supporting small business. We pride ourselves on having a business network that is able to work collaboratively to ensure an aligned approach for your business planning.

Your business success is what drives each specialist Beyond Your Numbers engages with, helping you win in every interaction.

If you’re ready to grow your business to where you want it to be, even if you don’t know exactly what that is. We’re here to help define your goals and launch your to business success.

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