Shareholders Agreements

Are you starting a new business with other partners? Or maybe you have an existing business with partners and the business has grown but you have never put in place a Sharholder’s Agreement.

Shareholder’s Agreements are an important contract between all shareholders [directors] about how the business should be run, why you and the other partners came together in the first place to form the business, what the goals of the business are, who will be responsible for what, duties and responsibilities and dispute resolution methods to name just a few things covered.

Shareholder’s Agreements should be draft by an experienced solicitor, preferably by a solicitor who practices in small business legals. To ensure you get the most out of your meeting with your solicitor, Beyond Your Numbers Accounting has put together a “Minutes of Meeting of Directors” re discussions about Shareholder’s Agreement, which should help you and your other partners come to an understanding of what should be included and covered off in a Shareholder’s Agreement. It should be noted this is just a starting point and does not replace the need for a properly discussed and drafted Shareholder’s Agreement.

For a free copy of the draft minutes email [email protected] and request the Draft Shareholder’s Minutes. We can also refer you onto a good solicitor in Balmain specialising in small business clients.

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